Interactive Coaching – Solutions in Progress

Coaching can help you organize your life goals.

Interactive coaching is a results-oriented alliance that builds on your capacity to achieve your potential.  The coach, as facilitator, helps to identify areas where change is desired and taps into your as of yet undefined abilities.  The end result is a life with more balance between personal, family, educational, social, health, recreational and financial needs. The key components of the coaching relationship are to establish more consistency between what a person says and does through brainstorming goals, devising long term and daily plans to achieve the goals and teaching management strategies for improved self regulation.

What type of clients benefit from coaching?

  • Students seeking to maximize their potential
  • Employees trying to keep up with increasing work demands
  • Teens and adults plagued with disorganization and procrastination
  • Family members and business owners struggling with delegation and poor communication skills
  • Individuals diagnosed with ADHD, Executive Functioning Disorder or other learning disabilities who desire to build upon their strengths and use compensatory strategies

Interactive coaching can help you to:

  • Clearly define goals
  • Creatively design implementation plans
  • Set up a system of accountability
  • Provide reinforcement when immediate gratification threatens long term satisfaction
  • Troubleshoot bottlenecks
  • Gain self advocacy skills
  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Achieve life balance