Are you ready for change?

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What is my approach?

As a cognitive behavioral therapist, I have developed an Integrated Action Approach, a solution-based intervention, to help clients build upon their own inner resources and learn new skills to achieve self-efficacy and success.

Through our Action Partnership, we define goals, brainstorm implementation strategies and establish guidelines for accountability. The Integrated Action Approach is designed to modify target behaviors and teach concrete skills, while developing self-awareness of the thoughts and behaviors that foster or impede forward movement.

Who are my clients?

My approach is effective with a wide variety of clients including high school and college students, homemakers, managers, employees, attorneys, physicians, entrepreneurs and others who want to achieve more success and satisfaction from life and make more efficient use of their time.  Many have been diagnosed with ADHD, Executive Functioning Disorder, anxiety or depression and face a tremendous challenge getting started and sticking with a task, blocking out distractions and changing gears.  I often work with couples, families and other professionals to facilitate environmental supports and communication.

What’s in it for you?

The Integrated Action Approach makes a difference by helping clients to:

  • Set up the organizational infrastructure to keep track of thoughts and tasks.
  • Effectively brainstorm goals, followed by chunking and prioritization of tasks.
  • Experiment with various motivational methods to start and stick with a difficult task until completion.
  • Self-monitor and problem solve to develop the flexibility to change gears if necessary.